Connecting you to your customers.

Everyone is searching for something, they may be searching for you.  We just make it easier for them to find you.



At KLEVUR we pride ourselves on being able to get to the root of our client’s business and understand what their needs really are.  Typically that need is about more leads and opportunities for sales.  We have some of the finest developer, designers, copywriters and marketers available anywhere.  We’re not joking!

KLEVUR is a web marketing agency that specializes in conversion.  Our team of experts are second to none when it comes to driving traffic, building lists and creating fans.

We love what we do and it shows.  We specialize in working with small business clients that have a need for a turnkey solution and we have solutions for virtually any budget.  Our whole goal is to set your business on a path of success.

Marketing has never been more accessible to everyone, BUT never more difficult to capture someone’s attention.  You need someone like us to navigate the virtually infinite list of tools and resources that are available in today’s landscape.

Everyone is searching for something, they just might be searching for you.  We just make it easier for them to find you.  Connecting you to people and connecting them to information is our specialty.  We use the entire alphabet soup to make that happen for you.  SEO, SEM, PPC, etc., etc….

We make it simple for you to get the traffic you need in order to create leads for your business.  Why be bothered with how it all works and which tools to use when you can have someone do it for you and at a price you can afford?

Connecting you to your customers is what we do!

Our entire process is dedicated to understanding your business to ensure that there is no confusion.  Our entire website is dedicated to making that a simple process.  Submit your project, get 3 budget recommendations and choose the one that best suits you.

Once you have done that we have a time tested process in place to take both of through a….

  • Qualification phase – Where we both decide if we are a good fit to work together.
  • Discovery phase – Where we spend the right amount of time necessary to learn everything we need to about your business.
  • Solution phase – Where we spell out the details of the project, scope of work, terms of the agreement, pricing and project plan.  The solution phase outlines everything that should be expected of both of us.

We make understanding the expectations of the project simple.  We measure success by the amount of traffic and list growth that we are able to provide for you.

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  • We worked with Klevur and had a great experience from start to finish. They helped us learn and implement Zoho CRM to our sales process needs. I initially tried figuring it out on my own which turned out to be far less cost effective than just hiring KLEVUR and getting it done correctly from the beginning. I spoke with about 10 other agencies/individuals and found KLEVUR to be the best price for what they could offer. Would definitely use again!
    Jessica Winstanley - Business Development at Squash Skills
  • KLEVUR provides fast and effective service for our company. They understand that as the administrator of our online project management software we can not afford one moment of downtime. They have provided us with customized solutions that fit our company’s unique needs.
    Brennan Wood -Partner at Foundry Mortgage Capital
  • KLEVUR has the ability to customize your web marketing needs for any business. They can easily and effectively translate what is in your head to the website. A great value!
    Joe Boston - Director at Dallas REIG and Private Capital Specialist